The first rule of dating

There are a lot of spoken and unspoken rules that people follow when dating. While most of these rules are harmless, some can lead to tumultuous and confusing relationships.

One of the most important rules to remember is not to get too personal on first dates. This includes talking about past relationships or personal information that could cause your date to become uncomfortable.

1. Make Sure They’re Available

Just because a date shows up doesn’t mean they’re available. Whether they’re hung up on another person, engrossed in a project at work, or suffering from some other reason, they may not be ready for you.

It’s important to check their availability early on. If they’re not, you could be wasting your time.

It’s also important to keep dates short. If you spend too long with someone, you’ll get burnt out from dating. This can make you less receptive to your potential match and leave you feeling cranky. Keep your dates to one hour and 30 minutes or less. That way, you’ll have plenty of energy for other people in your life too. Plus, it keeps you safe. This is especially important when dating online.

2. Don’t Text While You’re On A Date

While texting is great and can help you get to know someone before your date, it should not be your primary form of communication with a potential partner. It can be easy to get caught up in texting and end up treating it like dating, which can be dangerous.

If you’re constantly getting texts asking how your day is or if you’re looking forward to slurping spaghetti together, that can quickly turn into a relationship where the air feels heavy and charged. Pay attention to how they act on dates as well, if they seem super engaged but don’t text you in between, that could be a red flag. It might just be a case of not having time or being busy, but it’s best to be careful.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

The most important thing to remember is that asking questions is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it is a sign of interest and curiosity.

It’s perfectly normal and healthy to want to know more about someone you date, especially if it’s a potential romantic partner. In fact, it’s essential to your relationship that you ask these questions.

This includes personal and intimate details, like their snoring habits or how they feel about their job. It also means asking them about their core beliefs and values, which will help you understand whether or not they’re a good match for you. Asking these questions may be uncomfortable at first, but they will ultimately help you build a deeper connection with them. And who knows, that could lead to something special!

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Open-Minded

Becoming open-minded is a great way to grow as a person and learn new things. It also helps you to feel more optimistic about life. If you are not open-minded, you can easily become stuck in negative thinking and refuse to try new experiences.

For example, being open-minded when it comes to dating means ditching your checklist of what you want in a partner and being willing to date outside of your normal age range or earnings bracket. It also means being willing to try new experiences, like sex or music.

It is important to be open-minded, but it is also necessary to have convictions and strong beliefs. It is fine to disagree with other people’s ideas and beliefs, but it is important to be respectful of them.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Chances

Taking chances is something that we must do in order to grow and learn. Whether it’s at work or in love, there is normally a risk involved. However, if the risks you’re taking are calculated and well thought out, they can be very satisfying.

If you don’t take chances in dating, you could miss out on the one who is perfect for you. Also, if you’re too cautious, you may find yourself never getting up to bat.

So next time you go on a date, don’t be afraid to throw a few pitches. Who knows – maybe you’ll hit a home run! Good luck! You deserve it! – Veronica. Veronica is an active blogger and has a passion for writing about love and life. She loves to help others in the pursuit of true happiness.